Tips Camping to Survive Cold Weather

The full moon makes the snow-draped forest shine, and until summertime camper’s come back you have plenty of time and space all to yourself.

But when you go a winter camping it’s requires more thought and planning than an average summer camping. Peter Kummerfeldt, a wilderness survival expert who run different survival courses and the owner of the company, OutdoorSafe, has camped out in minus 45 F temperatures when he was working for the Air Force Survival School in Alaska. His winter camping and survival tips can help any camper to navigate in extreme conditions.

First Tip Dress Properly

You will want to take clothes that can keep you warm you stay static for long periods of time. Most of the chances are you’ll create a lot of heat when trekking, but it’s harder to high temperature that will be comfortable when you are not trekking.

Use the onion method and layer up. The first layer should be polyester thermal underwear. Try and to choose breathable fabric to prevent the accumulation of perspiration during effort. If you rather natural fibers, use merino wool and wool-fleece blends they won’t be as itchy but keep you worm enough. Take with you a scarf or neck warmer that will be easy to take off to control your body temperature, also pack a lightweight jacket that is both breathable and waterproof.If you use this method you can also keep your feet and head warm. Fleece or wool caps can be windproof if you cover them with a detachable hood. Don’t use cotton socks, you can leave those at home. Instead, go with wool socks or polyester socks that are designed for trekking and hiking. Also you will need to have good boots, boots don’t have to be too expensive, but you need them to be water-repellent or even better waterproof, especially if you are planning on hiking through snow.

Never Neglect Your Hands

To keep those fingers warm, use polyester glove liners and gloves, and then layer over them some gauntlets too. Also a good thing to take with you is some chemical heating pads for the rough times you really need a heat boost.

Think Fire

When you get at your campsite, first thing you need to do is start a fire. You should always plan ahead and pack fire sources. Go low-tech and tightly pack dried lint stuffed in a pill bottles, or you can go high-tech and get magnesium fire starters.

Choose the Right Campsite

When you go summer camping you might prefer the shadiest and the most secluded spot. When going winter camping, the morning sun can be a welcome companion. Pay attention of where the sun will appear at sunrise, place your tent in a way that you will get the early rays to heat you and on the other hand protect you from the wind.

Drink a Lot, Dehydration Is a Real Problem Even at winter

When it’s cold most of the chances you won’t feel thirsty, but dehydration is a big problem in winter as it is in summer. Drink a lot of water hot or cold. Also drink hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate it will also provide calories.


When you breathe in a warm tent in a cold night, remember condensation will form on your tent, even if it’s the best four-season tent. Get ready for it to “snow” on you in the morning. There’s nothing you can do about it, but in the next morning dry your sleeping bag so you use it again at night. You can prevent it if vent your tent at night it won’t be that warm at night but at least it will keep you dry.

Tips for an Adventure Travel

Apart from being a progressively growing tourist attraction, Dubai has a lot more to offer for the travelers that essentially captivates your mind. While planning your trip to this extraordinary adventure filled place with your Dubai inbound tour operator, you must not forget to have a clear understanding of several crucial tips related to different adventurous activities. You can effectively quench your individual thirst of adventure as well as thrill at Dubai. It offers distinguished opportunities of dune bugging, sky diving, water sporting, ride of hot air balloon and many more.

Enjoy an extremely memorable trip of adventure filled activities by particularly keeping in mind the following essential tips that include:

Keeping appropriate clothes and accessories

Depending on the weather condition or season in which you are travelling to Dubai, you must ensure that you are taking appropriate clothing as well as accessories with you for enhanced experience of different adventurous activities.  In case you are travelling to Dubai during extremely chilly winters, you must not forget to keep your warm attires with you. The warm clothes will definitely allow you to enjoy all types of adventurous activities in Dubai with ease. Similarly, if you are visiting Dubai in sunny days, you must not forget to keep your favorite eyeshades to fight away the scorching heat of the sun. These shades will prevent your eyes from the sun during any activity.

Desert Safari: A must

Dubai offers an exciting and outstanding experience of desert safari to its visitors. You can essentially obtain much fun and excitement by becoming an active part of various adventurous activities such as dune bashing, sky diving, skiing and even snorkeling. Additionally, you can also enjoy a junkie ride over the camel or hot air balloons. Its ultimate experience will bring your heart in your mouth.

Don’t miss the Dhow Cruise

Another exciting and mind captivating activity that you must not miss out during your trip is the ultimate Dhow Cruise experience. It is capable of maximizing the level of adventure in your entire trip. You must ask yourDubai inbound tour operator to necessarily include Dhow cruising in your itinerary. A distinctive visit to Dhow cruise will provide you a great bunch of unforgettable moments that essentially involve the feelings of romance, joy, happiness, togetherness and peace. It generally offers outstanding sceneries, excellent dining options with best in class cuisines being served, stupendous private dinner arrangements and remarkable sunset cruises. You can ideally opt for either a public cruise or a private cruise for your beloved.

Enjoy round the year skiing experience

It might sound impossible to you to ski in the extremely hot temperatures of Dubai. However, it is possible in the distinguished Mall of the Emirates to provide you an amazing experience. Irrespective of the season that prevails outside Dubai, you can conveniently enjoy round the year experience of this activity. Just turn up to the mall and obtain all necessary accessories for skiing on rent to enjoy uninterrupted skiing experience.

Tips Adventure

There is nothing as exhilarating or adventurous as a self-drive adventure – 4×4 hire in South Africa gives you the chance to set off to some of the most rugged and beautiful destinations in South Africa, with the durable, hard-wearing and all-terrain toughness of a 4×4 vehicle. This allows you to experience even more on your holiday – going where regular cars cannot, you can take on dirt roads and mountain passes for the trip of a lifetime.

Many travellers opt for the added accessibility and endurance of a 4×4 to help them transverse some of the tougher roads and passes in the country. Those who enjoy outdoor sports and adventure sports are able to fit in gear such as surfboards, paddleskis or climbing equipment, and with the help of a car that can navigate steep or uneven roads, travellers are able to get to even more exotic locations.

Here are some of the most popular destinations and routes for 4×4 hire adventures:

  1. Eastern Cape and Garden Route

Despite having only a few 4×4 trails, the Eastern Cape still boasts some of the most spectacular routes. Addo Elephant Park is one of the most popular destinations in this region, along with Lammergeier Private Nature Reserve and Khululeka Retreat in Port St Johns, with excellent trails to visit.  The Waterfall Bluff, Magwa and Frasier waterfalls are also highly recommended. The Garden Route is filled with thrilling destinations, from Kynsna Forest to Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve, Nature’s Valley and George.

  1. Cape Town

Cape Town and its surrounds offers spectacular mountain passes, forests, river beds and many other thrilling routes. Some of the most popular include the Boegoeberg Trail in the Cedarberg Mountains, Glen Oak 4×4 trail in the foot hills of the Klein River Mountains, the Karoo National Park along the West Coast plus many other diverse and rich habitats that beg to be explored when you enjoy South African 4×4 hire and experience the thrill of a self-drive safari.

  1. Johannesburg and Gauteng

The City of Gold has very few 4×4 trails, but the ones that can be enjoyed are well worth the effort. Berakah 4×4 Eco trail is found just outside Parys, plus there are two excellent Hennops trails which vary from highly advanced to family-friendly. Most of the trails here are organised by adventure groups, for more information ask your 4×4 rental agency to advise you on available options.

  1. Mpumalanga

With its vast and varied landscapes and rich wildlife, Mpumalanga offers some excellent 4×4 opportunities. The breathtaking Blyde River Canyon, the Sudwala Caves, the Wonderkloof Hydro, Kruger National Park and Riverwild 4×4 in Nelspruit are just some of the fantastic routes on offer.

  1. KwaZulu-Natal

Experience some of the most staggering views and landscapes with a host of options for self-drive. Drakensberg mountains, Cetshwayo’s Retreat 4×4 trail, ush Nkandla Forest, the Insuze Gorge, Thukela River at Jameson’s Drift, the shimmering Shushu Hot Springs, Sani Pass, Thule Beacon Trail and many other trails can be explored in your hired 4×4.

Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime as you witness some of the country’s top natural wonders and premier locations – all experienced at your own pace, in your own time. Get the best deals for affordable and reliable4x4 rental in South Africa, and contact a reliable vehicle hire or travel agency to help you plan the ultimate off-road adventure.

adventure service destinations

River rafting at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

It is the ideal place for rafting and is always on the top of the list for outdoor sports lovers. The ride is a heart pumping adventure. One can even try bungee jumping, as it feels awesome to fight against your fear.

Valley of flowers trek

Valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful destination in India. A trek that takes you to the beautiful and colorful followers can make you have peace of mind. it is the most sought after treks in India.

Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands

If you love water, then scuba diving should be on your list. Havelock in the Andaman is popularly known as the paradise for scuba drivers. The crystal blue water welcomes people for a glimpse of the magical underwater view.

Water sports at baga beach, Goa

Goa is India’s one of the favorite destination. Except the aura, the water sports attract people from the different parts of the country. It is a huge attraction, as one can enjoy para sailing, jet skiing, cruise, surfing and other water sports.

Zanskar, jammu and Kashmir

Zanskar is one of the remotest places in Jammu and Kashmir and is known for trek. The trekking in the Kargil area provides unmatched pride and accomplishment.

Sking in Auli

Auli, located in Uttaranchal is one of the most ideal place for skiing. Clean stretch of 10-20 km snow-covered mountain slopes can be best idea. It is better for the skiers as the woods along reduce the wind velocity.

Wildlife safari at Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is one of the best destinations around for adventure and thrill. The early morning jungle openjeep safari is perfect for spotting magnificent wild cats, chital, sambhar, and much more.

Road trip to Ladakh

The bike ride to Ladakh is an amazing experience. People who love bike ride needs to go to this adventurous trip for a last long memory. The beauty of this road will calm your mind and you will feel that life is much beautiful then what you really think.

India is full of surprises and beyond these destinations, you can find many amazing destinations which can give you an adrenaline rush. So pack your backpacks, choose from these destinations whichever interests you the most and go for the life changing adventure of your lifetime. Don’t fear and just get the true essence of adventure and thrill.