Tips for travelling alone

You can travel to anywhere at any time with any itineraries which don’t need accept of anyone. All things in the trip will make by yourself. It’s the advantage of travel alone but you’ll have to solve all things and troubles during the journey. Therefore, having a safe and comfortable trip, you should read some recommendations below.

1. Tell where you’ll travel for your family

You should tell your family or related person about where you will travel as a notice. It does not only help for the bad situations but also you can collect the experiences or information about the place you want to go if someone in your family knew or traveled the destination already.

2. Bring backpack

Pickpocket situations are very popular in everywhere, especially tourism place and crowded place, so you should bring a backpack which will help you easier in transfer and avoid lost your luggage. If you don’t want a backpack, you can buy a bag which is designed for traveling and protect important documents as well as your money.

3. Leave the valuable items at home

Bring the high valuable or expensive items when travelling is a bad idea, especially long trip. If you have to take a laptop for your business, you should bring a cheap laptop to travel because your laptop can be  damaged a little bit after the journey.

4. Go to new place in the daytime

You should not transfer to a new destination in the nighttime because it’s so dangerous for you and almost public transport will close in a night. However, if you can not visit the place in the daytime, you should catch a reputable taxi, train or go with the other tourists who you meet on your way and they have the same destination.

5. Note contact information carefully

You should always keep a note which writes personal information of you such as name, address, phone number of hotel and etc. Furthermore, you can send the phone number of hotel for your family to contact in emergency

6. Make friendship with other tourists and local people

If you have chances, you should learn more about local people. You don’t think that you know all things about them via the internet or the other travel experiences. Hence, making friendship with local people will help you a lot of things during the trip.

7. Should not share your personal information with strangers

Providing personal information for the other people is a necessary thing when travelling but you should not show them to strangers because perhaps it’ll dangerous for you, especially, your itinerary and hotel as well.

8. Be knowledge and confidence

Keep a confident face when asking someone or someone asks you which is the best impressed way with the opposite people. Therefore, you should smile and keep confidence in all situations.

9. Don’t use unknown services

When travelling, you’ll meet some people who will give you a map or some things like that and ask you to trial. The other tell you to use drive services with cheap price. You should refuse it with a careful way to avoid trouble after that.

10. Dress appropriately

Dressed discreetly is the best choice for travelling alone. Furthermore, you should learn more about the culture of the country or place where you will visit to know about the lifestyle to choose clothes. Moreover, you should not wear too much expensive jewellery because  you might “fall into the sights” of the robbers.