The mainstay of this blog is the environment as well as ecological concerns. Today’s world is facing challenges of all kinds, and it is important to highlight that climate change and global warming are continuing to impact the planet in significant ways.

With regards to the environment, many issues come into play here. There is the aspect of regulation, pollution, as well as the steps that are being actively pursued to reduce the impact of pollution. This blog focuses on these aspects and a range of other issues that affect the environment and surrounding.

The focus on the environment by this blog originates from the significant disruptions that are currently happening, which mostly arise from human-made activities. Companies and industries continue to pursue accelerated industrialization, vehicles continue to increase their emissions, and waste disposal remains a huge concern.

The intersection of these events has an impact on the environment in many ways, and in some cases, there is a chain reaction that results from these human-linked events and activities.

This blog covers how these activities lead to pollution and the extent of pollution that occurs. Also, a focus by the author of this blog, John Kerry, is the ramifications of these events to the environment, and how regulators can step in and play their part.

Without action from authorities, the environment will likely witness huge pollution levels in all its domain’s – the water masses, the air, and land. Not only will human activities accelerate this pollution, but the actions regulators take will also be of significant influence on the extents to which pollution occurs.