How to Write an Essay about Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a significant concern globally. For a long time, many companies have been using plastic containers and papers to wrap their goods. Once people buy such products, they do not dispose of the plastic papers well. Nature takes over, and the wind carries the papers to water body and land. In return, they affect animals both in water and in inland. They affect human health, water, and land. Remember a plastic can take more than 400 years to decompose. When given such an essay, you need to show the magnitude of their damage and offer solutions. Check the tips below

Research and Plan

Start by performing a thorough investigation to get materials to back up your claims. Some several books and journals contain vital information. Please do not underestimate the internet since it is very resourcefulOnce you get enough materials, create an outline. You cannot afford to write a disorganized essay. 


Your introduction should be simple but informative. Start by introducing the topic. Answer the question and give a detailed answer in the body. You also have to come up with a claim. It should be strong enough to trigger the reader's curiosity. 

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The Main Body

You can come up with at least there main ideas. If you include too many ideas, they will works against your paper since the readers may forget some. They might also be confusing. 

If you write a list of ideas, choose the best three and get enough materials to back them up. In the first paragraph, you should start with a topic sentence and give your main idea concerning plastic pollution. Support and expound it in the subsequent sentences. Provide relevant examples and give illustrations. You can introduce the second paragraph to ensure that there is a smooth flow. Sum up everything in the last sentence and repeat the same in the other paragraphs.

The Conclusion

In the next three to four lines, you should revisit your thesis statement. You need to Re-emphasis on your main argument. Avoid intruding new sentences since that will bring confusion. Also, do not write a long conclusion.

Proofread and Edit

Do not forget to edit your work ruthlessly. Reread the work aloud, editing all grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Check the flow and rephrase the sentences that do not make sense. Ensure that you have used the right citation method when citing sources and writing references. Use the right tools to check plagiarism and polish your work. You can request someone to reread and give an honest opinion.


Plastic pollution is a significant issue affecting the globe. So when you get an opportunity to write such an essay, research on it to get enough material to make a strong argument. Since you want an organized essay, you should come up with an outline. Write a compelling introduction that will catch your readers' attention. Create a strong thesis statement as the last sentence of your introduction. In the main body, write at least three main ideas. Expound on them and provide the relevant evidence. When writing the conclusion, revisit your thesis statement and highlight your main supporting ideas. Proofread the work manually, and do not forget to polish using online tools.